Angle Vale Football Team

Now the 2018 footy season has officially kicked off, it seems the perfect time to share a photo of the Angle Vale Football Team from yesteryear. Unfortunately, we don't have the date or year the photograph was taken, nor do we have the names of the players appearing in the photo, but you have to love that corrugated iron shed and those farming implements in the background! Certainly has that old country town appeal.

The Angle Vale Football Club, now known as "The Owls" has changed somewhat over the years. They now call the Angle Vale Sports Centre opposite the beautiful new Burgundy Estate land release home. We'd love to hear from anyone who recognises any of the players or knows more about the original Angle Vale Football Team.

If you love Angle Vale as much as we do at Burgundy Estate, stay tuned over the coming months. We have lots of Angle Vale's rich history to share, including stories about people who were raised right here, or have at one time or another called Angle Vale home. Plus we have many more of those wonderful black and white photos from days gone by to share.

If you and your family love your sport, then check out the new family and lifestyle blocks available at Burgundy Estate located directly opposite the Angle Vale Sports Centre. #anglevalefootballclub #anglevale #burgundyestate