Wonder where our road names come from?

We are very excited to put names to those faces on the previous Angle Vale Footballers photo posted a few weeks back.

Not only have we located their names but we also learned the photo was taken in 1929 when they achieved Runners Up status in the local competition. In 1927 they did one better and won the competition to be 1927 Season Premiers.

For those who have been in the area 40 plus years you will easily recognise the names "Andrews, Bubner, Stevens, Higgins and Dawkins" as Angle Vale residents. Some of their descendants continue to live in the Angle Vale and outer regions.

For those who have joined the wonderful Angle Vale community in more recent years you will recognise their names as road names throughout the Angle Vale and outer regions.

I think it's lovely that as we travel our frequented routes around the area, we can now put a road name to face.

Photo and information credit: Mr J Cooper of Gawler, June 1983.

1929 Angle Vale Football Team
1929 Angle Vale Football Team Players (Runners-up)

In the case you're having trouble reading the image, here's the detail:

Top Row (left to right) A. How (President), L Bubner (Hon. Secretary), H. Hall, P. Bubner, E. Worden, R. Higgins, N. Pedrick (Vice President).

Middle Row: (left to right) M. Bubner, G. Andrees, P. Abbott, E. Turnbull, L. Stevens, A. Turnbull, J. Farrow, H. Andrews, R. Hall.

Front Row: (left to right) G. Smith, A. Causby, M. Worden, V. Moloney (umpire), J. Cooper, H. Dawkns, F. Parham.

1929 Angle Vale Football Team
1929 Angle Vale Football Team