Last Vintage from 50 Year old Shiraz Vines at Burgundy Estate Angle Vale

Updated: Jul 25, 2018

Vintage 2015 Shiraz Burgundy Estate

Burgundy Estate Angle Vale is the new housing estate established on the old vineyard site at Fradd Road opposite the Angle Vale Sporting Complex.

The Shiraz “Vitas Veritas” established in 1967, are amongst the oldest in the world due to the devastating Phylloxera Virus wiping out vineyards in Europe and the Eastern States of Australia, “South Australia was spared due to the more alkaline soils and strict quarantine”

Burgundy Estate was also spared in the Governments 1987 vine pull out scheme, which saw many vineyards across the state remove vines due to the volatility in the wine sector.

Over the years, the wine grapes from Burgundy Estate have produced award winning wines at wineries across Australia including Warburn NSW, Adelaide Plains, Barossa Valley, and more recently Virgara Winery at Angle Vale.

“Con ti partiro – It is time to say goodbye.” The changing face of Angle Vale provides us with one last opportunity to gift to Burgundy Estate land buyers the last of the Shiraz wine made from the “old” Shiraz vines on Burgundy Estate.

The Perfect Blend - keep it or enjoy it but when you buy land at Burgundy Estate, take the opportunity to know you have something unique.